Domain name - Extension " TLD "

Extension " TLD "

The TLD is in number finished on the Internet and are given in the list of the Internet TLD. There are two types of TLD:

ccTLD (for Country Code, code country, that is the national domains), consisted of two letters identifiers a country (dz (Algeria), fr (France), gr (Greece), of (Germany), etc.).

The generic TLD, consisted of three letters or more, is thematic and without geographical tie. They are intended to characterize the activity of the organization which manages them:

  • org: non-profit organizations. ·
  • edu: American educational organizations .
  • mil: American military bodies. ·
  • com;for profit organizations . ·
  • (net): bodies charged with the administration of the network
  • . · gov: American governmental bodies.
  • · int: international bodies.
  • A new generic TLD appeared in 2001 and 2002:
  • biz: businesses ·
  • info: unlimited use ·
  • name: individuals ·
  • pro: accountants, jurists, doctors and the other professionals ·
  • aero: industries of air transport ·
  • coop: cooperatives ·
  • museum: museums

and in 2005:

  • jobs : for the RH, managed by an American company Employ Media LLC ·

dolly: for the journey, managed by an American company Tralliance Corporation

eu for the European companies, managed by the EUID ·

The rules of a domain name registering in these TLD are not the same for all.

Generic or geographical, every domain name is accessible and functional worldwide.