Domain Name

Introduction :

The purpose of this section is to explain or to call back in a simple way what is a domain name: how does it consist? To what is it used? Why to have its own domain name?

What is a domain name ?
A domain name ,

A domain name is a character string which allows to localize an Internet service without knowing the real address of identification (IP address) of the machine on which it is localized. No difference is made between the capital letter and small letters in a domain name, all other characters are not allowed (accents, apostrophe, etc.).

We take mostly names of very simple domain (a usual word, or an expression) to appoint the address of a site.

From a practical point of view, it is the name which will retain your visitors to visit your site. It is thus preferable to find a name which holds on easily, with a spelling simple to memorize.

Also the domain name is one of indispensable keys of the Internet because it is used in the whole of the services (Web, messaging, etc.).